Contractors have been using a citrus based material as a troweling lubricant. The citrus based material is basically a soap like material that is water based. While this overcomes the issue of solvents and objectionable odors, the result is adding water to the system. If epoxies are subjected to moisture before the curing process is complete, a white haze or cloudiness may form. Clear systems or materials that contain a thixotropic agent are very susceptible to this problem. Therefore, General Polymers does not recommend the use of citrus based material as a troweling lubricant.

There are two troweling lubricants that can be recommended. A liquid material that can be used to clean the trowel is anhydrous isopropyl alcohol. While this does have a solvent odor, many facilities do not object to the use of alcohol.

For terrazzo, a liquid troweleze based upon Ethylene Glycol EP works well. This product has a low odor and a higher evaporation temperature so that it stays on the floor longer.