Protection of General Polymers Flooring Systems During and After Installation

Seamless floors are based upon a chemical reaction which converts the liquid applied flooring material into a strong and durable solid floor. This chemical reation crosslinks the various components of the flooring system through a catalyzed or addition reaction forming covalent linkages. Just as in the chemistry lab or in the kitchen, the chemical reaction will be affected by temperature, moisture and other contaminants. Therefore, throughout the curing process and before placing the floor into service, the flooring system must be protected from both environmental and physical damage.

A. Maintain ambient and substrate temperature, moisture, humidity, ventilation, and other conditions of rooms where work occurs. The facility temperature and humidity must be equilibrated and maintained at the use conditions 72 hours prior to and throughout the installation period.
B. Do not install materials until building is permanently enclosed and wet construction is complete, dry, and cured.
C. Prevent dust and airborne contaminants from entering the uncured resin.

A. Immediately after application, it is important to keep traffic and debris off the surface until the coating is fully cured (18-24 hours @ 77F), unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer.
B. Allow the resinous flooring system to cure for 24-48 hours prior to covering to protect from damage and wear during the construction operation.
C. Cover flooring with a breathable material such as cardboard, carpet padding or Kraft paper. Do not cover with plastic.
D. Cover this breathable material with 6 mm (1/4 inch) thick hardboard, drywall, plywood, or particle board and tape edges to prevent movement in areas where foot or vehicle traffic, rolling or fixed scaffolding, and overhead work occurs.
E. Do not allow the protection or the underlying finished flooring system to be exposed to water or other moisture during the construction period.

A. Allow all decorative epoxy topcoats to cure for 5-7 days prior to applying water or exposing to chemicals.

A. DO NOT leave cleaning solutions or water puddle on floor, especially on fresh coating (3-7 days), as discoloration may occur.
B. Follow Detergent Manufacturers Cleaning Instructions.