Primers for General Polymers Systems

1. FasTop Primer (4040) is a fast cure urethane primer for FasTop cove base applications and as an optional primer with FasTop slurry and mortar systems. When out gassing is anticipated on a concrete slab use of the FasTop Primer will help prevent blow holes from appearing in the FasTop flooring systems. This material must be applied within 15 minutes of mixing and will be cured within 2 hours.

2. Epoxy Water Emulsion Primer/Sealer (3477) is a water-based epoxy primer sealer good for use under thin mil solvent based urethanes and epoxy coatings as it does not leave roller lines that would show through the thin film topcoat. This primer can be applied using a sprayer at 400-500 sf/gal followed by back rolling, or can be spread in ribbons and rolled. Use air movement to dry faster. This product will appear milky when wet but will dry clear. For exterior applications in direct sunlight, this product is a good primer because it will penetrate the slab, cure quickly and prevent out gassing. 3477 primer is also used as a sealer between Recover 9000 coats.

3. High Solids Primer/Sealer (3504) is our most universal primer and in most situations is the best choice. This is a solvent containing surface tolerant epoxy primer. It contains 72% solids by volume with 219 grams/liter VOC. Since it contains some solvent, odor could be a problem. Typically this primer is used under epoxy slurries or toppings, but can also be used under polyurethane or polyurea coatings. This primer should be used if re-topping an existing epoxy or urethane system. Topcoating 3504 can be done as soon as the surface is tacky for all epoxy systems but allow at least a four-hour cure between the placement of 3504 and polyurethanes at 70 F. This primer has an extremely wide recoat window and can be topped 24 hours after initial application.

For ceramic tile, acid brick and vitreous substrates, 3504 is used in conjunction with 5531 pre-primer. The substrate must be mechanically abraded, followed by application of 5531. The solvent is allowed to flash off then the 3504 is applied. Subsequent system steps are applied as described above. 5531 and 3504 are also recommended for use when coating an oil contaminated concrete substrate. Prior to priming the concrete must be wash using TSP (or other degreaser) and mechanically abraded according to ICRI Surface Preparation Guidelines.

4. Penetrating Primer (3579) - Is our standard epoxy primer for use under all systems. It can be used under epoxy coatings, epoxy toppings, urethane enamels, and membranes. Because it contains no solvent it has low odor and no voc. As always, carefully observe recoat times. This primer has been formulated to minimize the risk of blushing, but can blush in cool damp conditions.

Note: Epoxy products, including those found in primers, can form a" blush" on the surface which is a reaction of the moisture in the air and the epoxy hardener. Lower temperatures and high humidity will promote blushing. This formation will be present in the form of an oily, tacky surface. This must be removed via a solvent wipe before topcoats are applied or adhesion will be unsatisfactory.

For polyurethanes, the 3579 should be used with a six-hour minimum recoat time. For solvent containing coatings, 4-6 hours at 70 F must be allowed before placement of the topcoat. For epoxy slurries, toppings and 100% solids coatings, the topcoats can be applied after about two to three hours at 70 F when 3579 is tacky enough that the primer and topcoat cannot mix.