Selecting the Proper Mixing Blade

There are many varieties of mixing blade designs. Each type is designed to mix a certain type of material. These materials include coatings & primers, slurries, mortars, mastics, etc. Selecting the correct blade for each material will help insure proper cure and finish.

Mixing two component materials is very much different than stirring paint. To start the chemical reaction required for curing of plural component materials the parts A and B need to “crash” into each other. It is difficult to achieve a homogeneous mix stirring by hand. This could cause one or more of the following results: Soft coating, tacky, soft spots, lack of chemical and/or stain resistance, poor inter coat adhesion, difficult or impossible to clean, etc.

Types of Mixing Blades:
Jiffy Blades and/or spiral blades are best suited for coatings, primers and low viscosity slurries such as Trafficote #105 and Aquarmor S. These types of mixing blades blend resins very well without whipping lots of air into the resin.

With these type of materials utilizing a variable speed drill and selecting the right size of mixing blade compared to mix size and mixing container is very important. The blade on the mixer should be completely submerged in the resin and not cause a vortex of air to be whipped into the resin. Any air whipped into a coating will take a long time to come back out, often resulting in bubbles in a cured finish coat.

Walboard’s double row flower paddle is great for mixing heavy bodied slurries and mortars such as Trafficote 105, FasTop S and FasTop M. This mixing paddle is commonly available at Sherwin-Williams, Home Depots, and Lowes stores.

When mixing multiple batches in a day or when mixing heavy mortars the Collomix CX22 DUO will get the job done with the least effort and fatigue on the operator. This mixer uses dual blades that counter rotate much like an eggbeater. There is no torque passed on to the operator like a drill motor and single mixing blade would. Collomix CX22 DUO and other mixing equipment is available through Sherwin-Williams stores.

When installing large areas of epoxy mortar a plaster mixer will be the most efficient for ease and speed.