Impact Resistance of SANIFLEX®

Impact Resistance of SANIFLEX®:
As Compared against Fiberglass Reinforced Wall Systems

Test description:
ASTM D 2794-84 Resistance of Organic Coatings to the Effects of Rapid Deformation

Each system was constructed on wood, drywall and cement block substrates. A four (4) pound steel ball was dropped onto the wall coating system from varying heights. The height was increased until the coating system failed as represented by a crack in the surface or a disbondment from the substrate. Results are measured in inches of height from which the ball was dropped. The higher the value obtained before failure, the more impact resistant the system.


Substrate Fiberglass Reinforced Wall System SANIFLEX Wall System
Wood 12" 24"
Drywall 4" 12"
Cement Board 12" 18"


In all substrate cases, the more flexible SANIFLEX Wall System exhibited higher impact resistance than the traditional fiberglass reinforced wall systems. The substrate will impact the impact performance of wall system. Drywall provided the least amount of support for the wall systems.