Gerber Foods

Gerber Products Company

Gerber Products Company
Fremont, MI
General Contractor:
Pennington Brothers, LTD.
Twin Lake, MI

Gerber Food Products Company of Fremont, MI manufactures products for one of life's precious blessings... Babies. Gerber has built consumer confidence by manufacturing baby foods that are safe. Besides corporate manufacturing processes, the company complies with rigid USDA and FDA standards relative to facility operations and maintenance. They must also provide a safe work place for employees following OSHA guidelines for slip resistant flooring.

The 12,500 square foot 32 oz. juice sanitation and filling room is located on the second floor of the facility an operated on a deteriorated dairy brick floor. The dairy brick was a slip hazard to employees and cracking mortar joints were a concern relative to harboring dirt and bacteria. The renovation project criteria demanded a replacement flooring system that; could be applied over eh existing dairy brick, provide adequate slip resistance, withstand thermal cycling conditions during operation and maintenance, meet USDA guidelines, and cause no environmental concerns or offensive odors during installation.

FasTop™ S Urethane Slurry System was selected because it met all of these criteria. Pennington Brothers, LTD was awarded the project based upon their experience an status as a certified General Polymers installer. Surface preparation included cleaning and degreasing the dairy brick, followed by shot blasting to provide an acceptable profile.

The application included a single coat of General Polymers 5531 vitreous pre-primer followed by a single coat (3 mil DFT) of 3504 epoxy primer. Although FasTop S does not typically require a primer when applied directly to concrete, this specialized two-coat primer process provides excellent adhesion to dairy brick.

The FasTop S was applied in a single coat using a gauge rake set to 3/16 inch depth. The material was immediately back rolled with a loop roller and broadcast to rejection with silica sand. The excess sand was vacuumed after a six hour cure. Finally, a topcoat (4 mils DFT) of COR-COTE® CR 100% novolac epoxy was applied by roller for added chemical resistance and texture lock-in. The entire installation took 3 days and the area was returned to service within the same week. The FasTop S Urethane Slurry System provides Linda Kouck, Gerber Facility Manager, with a floor in the apple juice processing area that is easily maintained, withstands the aggressive processing conditions and has an acceptable slip resistant finish.