Georgia Feed

Georgia Feed Products, LLC

Georgia Feed Products, LLC
A subsidiary of American Proteins, Inc. Cuthbert, GA
Installer :
Cherokee Equipment
Bainbridge, GA

Georgia Feed Products, LLC a subsidiary of American Proteins, Inc. produces animal feed from chicken parts. Edward Hill, project manager at the Cuthbert, GA facility, primary concerns included: protecting his floors from the rigorous process environment, providing a safer work place for employees, having a flooring system which could be easily maintained, in addition to having the system installed without disrupting operations.

Key issues in selecting the correct flooring systems also included budget concerns, product performance characteristics, 48-hour return to service and a non-skid finish. During the project evaluation, it was noted that aggressive surface preparation would be required to remove contamination of animal fat, oils and dirt embedded in the concrete from years of production exposure. FasTop™ S Urethane Slurry System was selected because it met all the project requirements and product performance characteristics necessary for such an aggressive environment.

In order to minimize any disruption of the processing facility, the project was divided into four sections. FasTop S does not introduce any hazards or odors during installation. This allowed the facility to maintain operations in adjacent areas during the installation.

Cherokee Equipment from Bainbridge, GA was the certified General Polymers contractor for the project. Water Jetting (SP-12) was used to remove the excess build up of fat and oil from the floor. The excess water was vacuumed away leaving a damp substrate with no standing water.

The prepared substrate left an aggressive but consistent profile that required the FasTop S to be installed at an average thickness of 1/2 inch. The installation of the FasTop was completed in one coat and 40-mesh silica was broadcast in rejection for skid resistance. The excess silica was swept away in four hours returning the area to service within 10 hours.

The completed project provided Mr. Hill an Georgia Feed Products, LLC with a safer work place and a protective floor finish that will withstand years of exposure to the harsh processing environment. Mr. Hill was extremely pleased that the project was completed on time and within his budget.