Human Genome Sciences

Human Genome Sciences

Human Genome Sciences
Rockville, MD
Durex Coverings
Elkridge, MD and
Brownstown, PA
Construction Manager:
Gilbane Process
Rockville, MD
Phase I completed 1998
17,000 s.f. Ceram™ #100 Custom Color and
3,000 Lineal feet of 4 Cove Base
5,000 s.f. TPM® #115-U4
2,000 s.f. of Trafficote™ #105
10,000 s.f. EPO-FLEX® MER
Phase II completed 2000
25,000 s.f. Ceram #100 with
4,000 Lineal feet of 4 Cove Base
4,000 s.f. of TPM #115-U4
10,000 s.f. of EPO-FLEX MER
Yeast Production Facility completed 2001
8,000 s.f. of Ceramic Carpet™ #444 and

Gilbane Process, Durex Coverings and General Polymers began working together at Human Genome Sciences in Rockville, Maryland in late 1997. Gilbane had pre-qualified Durex and was looking for a contractor with extensive pharmaceutical experience, coupled with a manufacturer that could provide a wide range of systems, color matching capabilities and technical support.

Flooring systems selected included: Ceram #100 (to match a previously approved color scheme), TPM #115-U4, Trafficote #105 and EPO-FLEX MER. Due to the wide product offering from General Polymers, Durex was able to optimize the flooring recommendations to fit the aesthetic and functional requirements of the spaces.

During flooring system selections, consideration was given to future finish modifications and repairs and anticipated change in space utilization. Specifically, extremely low odor, 100% solids epoxies were used that could be recoated within occupied areas.

The relationship between Gilbane, Durex and General Polymers has resulted in many flooring installations which have met owner expectations.