Fastop S

Reduce downtime! Compress the renovation schedule! Fast track this project! Have it done by yesterday! Speed and quick turn-around have become the mantra for construction and renovation projects. Nowhere is this more important than in manufacturing facilities where profit is based upon maintaining a production schedule and minimizing downtime. How is it possible to repair or replace an entire floor without interrupting the facility’s operations? Traditional epoxy resurfacing systems are ideal for new facilities based upon the outstanding performance and long term wear of the resin based mortar. New construction projects are capable of scheduling a multi-step installation process in parallel with the other trades. After a facility is up and running, few businesses can afford the luxury of shutting down and reserving a week or more to replace and resurface a floor.

Figure 1. FasTop S during installation with sand broadcast

General Polymers now offers a flooring system that can be installed with little or no interruption of production. FasTop S Urethane Slurry System can be placed within 6 hours and reopen an area for service within 10-12 hours. Obviously, the time of installation will vary by the size of the area to be installed and the use of various topcoats. The chemistry of FasTop S is ideally suited to meet the needs and conditions in food or beverage processing facilities, commercial kitchens, restaurants, meat and poultry plants, concession areas, pulp and paper processing facilities, and pharmaceutical production.

Figure 2. FasTop S Installation around equipment

FasTop S is a unique blend of cement-based aggregate and urethane chemistry applied as a slurry (not self-leveling) and broadcast with sand or decorative quartz. The finish topcoat is optional and is used to enhance aesthetics or increase the chemical resistance. FasTop S provides a resurfaced finish with relatively good chemical resistance and thermal shock resistance. . If required in wash-down environments, a cove base can be installed to protect the floor wall transition. The system provides an excellent wet environment surface and there is no concern for moisture vapor transmission from the concrete substrate. Although a decorative quartz broadcast is an option, this system is designed primarily for functionality and should not be specified as a decorative finish.

Figure 3. FasTop S cove base.

When time is of the essence, FasTop S can meet the schedule.

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