Ceramic Carpet

Ceramic Carpet system needs to be finished with clear resins. The layer of 100% solids epoxy applied to the granules is a glaze coat. Grout materials are not to be used as glaze coats. These products contain fumed silicas that can cause clouding in thick sections.

The satin materials, such as 4409 would also present a very cloudy glaze. These materials contain an inert filler that is cloudy in thick sections. This material should only be used in very thin coats after the glaze coat so that a cloudy appearance that changes the color of the Ceramic Carpet is not observed.

After the excess broadcast is removed, a glaze coat of 3745 or 4638 is used for Ceramic Carpet 400. A final coat of 3745 or 4638 is then applied to obtain the desired texture and gloss.