Automotive Service Center Flooring

The automobile represents most families' second largest investment. Service and maintenance is a necessary expense and people want this service done by people they can trust. The overall appearance of the automotive service facility says a lot about the business. Maintaining the service center projects the quality and professionalism of the business and therefore the expectation of service delivered.

Floors in an automotive service facility experience an assortment of physical and chemical abuse. Oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, brake fluid, coolants, battery acid and grease are the life blood of the vehicles and the anticipated chemical exposures to the floor. Changing tires, mechanical repairs, oil changes, and body work present potential for tools and parts to impact the floor.

Maintaining a clean shop under these conditions requires a flooring system that can be easily cleaned, can absorb typical impacts and has a slip resistant finish, especially in oily conditions. Bare concrete alone will absorb fluids and abrade with wear and impact.

Determining what type of flooring system to install will depend upon the existing condition of the concrete, the time allocated for installation and, of course, the budget. In some cases, a specialized Pre-Primer (5531) may be required to insure bond to oil saturated substrates. Economical coating systems ( Epoxy or Urethane) can be quickly installed with slip resistant texture, but the system may chip with the anticipated normal use and will require recoating every one or two years. Higher build systems (High Build Industrial Plant Floor) will perform better relative to impact and will protect the concrete better than a simple coating. The best choice is to install a flexible and durable system (EPO-FLEX Industrial) which will provide impact resistance and long life. In all cases, the concrete must be prepared and repaired prior to application of the flooring system.

Regardless of which flooring system is used, color can be selected to dress up the facility, improve light reflectivity and conform to the overall corporate design. Directional signage, safety lines and logos may also be built into the flooring system.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. The overall cleanliness and condition of your service center can reflect positively on your business for both customers and employees.