Decorative Mosaic Floor Coating

What can you specify on a floor when your budget is limited but you want an aesthetically pleasing finish which will stand up to high foot traffic and constant use? In areas that are exposed to water or food, carpet is not an option. Epoxy or urethane coatings fit the budget but are monochromatic. (Adding graphics and patterns are an option, but this will increase the installation cost.) Stained and stamped concrete has been used in these situations but in high traffic areas, wear patterns will develop which will be difficult to keep clean if the porous substrate is exposed.

There is an option which also gives you the flexibility of designing blended colors to complement the interiors package. Decorative mosaic floor coatings use paint chips as a decorative accent broadcasted into the solid color base coat. For heavy wear areas a clear urethane topcoat will protect the aesthetics and maintain the desired gloss.

Guideline Specification (click to see the System Bulletin and complete Guideline Spec)

2.01 Materials

A. System Overview
The Decorative Mosaic Floor Coating System as formulated by General Polymers shall be Decorative Mosaic Floor Coating, consisting of 3579 Standard Primer, 3744P High Performance CR Epoxy - Pigmented, 6750 Vinyl Chips for broadcast, and 4408 Water-Based Polyurethane as the seal coat.

3.02 Installation

E. System Primer
3579 Standard Primer @ 6 mils WFT

F. Base Coat
3744 High Performance CR Epoxy - Pigmented @ 6-8 mils DFT

G. Chip Broadcast (full broadcast)
6750 Vinyl Chip (Blend) @100#/1000sf

H. Seal Coat
4408 Water-Based Polyurethane @ 4-5 mils DFT

The application of this system is relatively straight forward, but care must be taken to insure any surface imperfections are corrected prior to placing the coating. A 100% solids, zero VOC primer (3579 Standard Primer) is recommended although other primers may be substituted if the surface conditions dictate. The solid colored base coat of 3744P High Performance CR Epoxy-Pigmented is applied at 250 to 300 square feet per gallon after the primer is tacky. Vinyl paint chips (6750) are fully broadcast into the wet epoxy at about 100 pounds per 1000 square feet. A light broadcast is also an option and would require 10 pounds of paint chips per 1000 square feet. After the epoxy has set and is tack-free, sweep the floor to remove any loose chips. Lightly broadcast chips do not require a topcoat but the addition of a clear topcoat will extend the life and aesthetics of the floor. A full broadcast will require a clear topcoat of 4408 Water-Based Polyurethane. The 4408 Water-based Polyurethane is applied at 300-400 square feet per gallon. As an alternative to the 4408 Water-Based Polyurethane, 3744 High Performance CR Epoxy-Clear can be applied in one coat at 250 square feet per gallon.

Specifying an aesthetically pleasing environment without losing performance properties can be achieved within a modest budget with General Polymers Decorative Mosaic Floor Coating. Creating an environment in which the users can be proud has been proven to help maintain a high morale and improve productivity.