One Ameritrust

The Ameritrust Center
Cincinnati, Ohio
Glaser Associates
Cincinnati, Ohio
Installing Contractor:
Carnevale Tile & Terrazzo Co., Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Ameritrust Center, designed by Glaser and Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio required a flooring material that incorporated the design theme based on a quilt pattern called "cubic illusion." This unique approach unified the architectural design of the building exterior and interior along with the lobby area.

The flooring material had to be extremely durable since the lobby are a is part of Cincinnati's elevated skywalk system and has over 1.5 million people walking across it each year. The architect's first choice was an inlaid marble system. However, because of the complicated pattern and color requirement, the marble system was not economically feasible.

Ultimately, General Polymers Thin-set Epoxy Terrazzo was selected because of its virtually unlimited color palette and design flexibility combined with durability that surpassed requirements. As may be seen, the ability to use brass divider strips further enhanced the pattern layout.

Completed in December, 1984 by Carnevale Tile & Terrazzo, this 3 color, 3 dimensional 6,300 sq. ft. installation looks as if it had been installed yesterday.

When permanent aesthetics, performance and value are required, General Polymers Thin-set Epoxy Terrazzo is the perfect choice.