Airport Construction - Thin-set Epoxy Terrazzo

Airport construction is continuing at a record pace. New York, Washington D.C., Baltimore, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Chicago, Buffalo, Albany, Boston, Philadelphia, Dayton, Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, San Antonio, Ontario, Charlotte, and Seattle are a few cities which have renovated or are building new terminals.

When selecting a flooring finish for these facilities a number of factors must be considered. High on this list is the amount of traffic that each area will receive. Airport designs require traffic patterns to converge in order to control access to boarding areas, shops, restaurants, concourses and people movers. In each of these high traffic locations, a flooring system must be chosen to withstand constant wear. Unlike most other public facilities, people will frequently have wheeled cases. Using a tile surface results in noisy traffic and high maintenance when the tiles chip. Carpet has an advantage of dampening some of the noise but will show wear patterns and dirt in a relatively short period of time. An independent study by Clark Associates when reviewing all flooring options in Seattle Tacoma International Airport concluded "terrazzo is the superior resinous product in terms of design, flexibility, integration with existing design and construction features and overall quality of finish."

Thin-set epoxy terrazzo has quickly become the material of choice in both new airport construction and airport renovation. This system is placed on standard slab elevations which assists in construction scheduling. The flexibility of this material, versus the cement terrazzo alternative, is ideal for the elevated concourses and the long spans which have more movement than a typical office building.

Creating designs, patterns, or images with epoxy terrazzo affords the airport authority an opportunity to display features of the local area, express a mood of the city, or display art in the epoxy terrazzo to impress newly arriving guests in what some people refer to as the "foyer to the city." Some construction projects have used this feature to access funding for their terrazzo through Art-in-Public-Places programs.

As an extra measure of insuring long lasting beauty of the terrazzo floor, Epo-Flex(tm), a crack bridging epoxy membrane, may be installed. This material will generally add about $2/square foot to the installation cost, but is well worth the investment for maintaining the original aesthetics of the floor.

Epoxy terrazzo can be supplied in an unlimited variety of colors and installed in patterns limited only by your imagination. The seamless easy-to-maintain finish makes thin-set epoxy Terrazzo the Perfect Choice for renovation or new construction.