Air Force One

Air Force One Hanger
Andrews Air Force Base
Camp Springs, Maryland
Daniel, Mann, Johnson, Mendenhall
Washington, D.C.
General Contractor :
The George Hyman Construction Co.
Bethesda, Maryland
Installing Contractor:
Floor Systems
Wilmington, Delaware

The Air Force One Hangar is used to store and maintain the Presidential airplanes, which include two 747’s and a DC10. When the Washington D.C. architectural firm of Daniel, Mann, Johnson, Mendenhall designed this prestigious facility, they faced the problem of how to protect the concrete floor.

Aircraft hangars present special requirements for flooring materials. Due to the extreme ceiling height and “openness” of a typical hangar, light reflectivity is very important. In addition, the selected material had to maintain its high gloss finish even though it would be subjected to a variety of chemical agents such as lubricating oils, Skydrol, solvents, and heavy rolling loads. Add to these requirements another element, perfection, the finished floor had to be perfect!

Given these parameters, General Polymers had the perfect solution. Based on our successful experience with numerous military, commercial, and private aircraft hangars, we proposed a system comprised of; one coat of 3549 penetrating epoxy prime and seal, 2 coats of 4608 high gloss chemically resistant polyurethane enamel, and a finish top coat of 4608 clear chemically resistant polyurethane enamel. This system met all of the performance criteria.

The General Polymers applicator, Floor Systems of Wilmington, Delaware completed this 145,000 square foot project to everyone’s satisfaction in just seven working days, several days ahead of schedule.

General Polymers confidently takes on high visibility projects on a regular basis. Our system recommendations are based on proven performance and technical competence, not guesswork. From beautifully decorative to the most chemically resistant, we have the perfect solution to meet you flooring needs.